Sites for New Casinos in 2022

Choosing a new online casino might be a difficult undertaking. There are hundreds to pick from, some of which are superior than others.

What we aim to do is provide the user the information they need to make an informed decision. This encompasses a large number of elements, but it would be difficult for us to state that x casino is better for you than y without first learning what you want from your casino.

If you’re new to the sector, sticking with the major companies is a good place to start. However, if you’ve been around for a long and want to branch out from the big guys, there are a few things to think about.

  • Legality and Security – All casinos that allow New Zealand players must be registered with the appropriate gambling authority. They cannot legally accept these athletes if they do not have this licence. If you’re still not sure, go to their gambling sites, search for the casino, and look up their licencing status.
  • User Experience – Look at how fast the site loads, how simple it is to move between games, whether there is a mobile app, if the cashier is readily accessible, and if the games load rapidly. You’ll gain a better sense of usability the more you play.
  • Game Variety – Looking at the game creators they’ve featured is a quick method to see what’s on offer. Aside from that, just going to the casino’s website to look at their games is a sure-fire, if not a bit tiresome, means of seeing what they have to offer.
  • Welcome Bonus – One of the most appealing features should be the welcome bonus. Don’t simply go for the huge numbers; look at the wagering restrictions to see whether they’ll work for the games and stakes you want to play.
  • Payment Provider Alternatives – Another important consideration is the payment provider options available to you. Make sure you have a technique for depositing and withdrawing that works for you.
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As a last caution, players from New Zealand may have restricted or no access to the main casino if they do not create an account. This will require account verification, so go over the user evaluations on these casinos first to get a sense of what could work best for you before signing up.

How Do We Evaluate New Zealand Casino Sites?

We’ve been really lucky to put together a fantastic staff with years of experience in the casino business. Our team of specialists consists of both gamers and individuals who have worked for many of the same online casinos that we now endorse.

When we look at a new casino or a new brand that is about to open their virtual doors for the first time, we pool our resources. Because it’s quite simple to create an online casino, we’re able to look for items that other casino review online gambling sites may overlook.

We’ve stated some of the things you should be searching for in the sections above, but to be honest, they’re not all that different from what we’re looking for.

The first thing we look for is if they are a standalone casino or whether they are part of a well-known brand. It may seem strange to learn that a company has many websites, yet it is fairly frequent.

If they are new, it will be more difficult to get information on them since it will most likely be limited. Instead, we focus on the people that make up that company’s make-up and strive to learn more about their history. The people at the top almost always have had key roles in existing businesses and are eager to go out and start their own.

The next item on the checklist is licencing. Who do they have a licence from, and does their licence match? Any casino that welcomes New Zealand players must be licenced by a relevant Gambling Commission, although they do not have to be licenced by them exclusively.

One of the nicest things about commissions like the Gibraltar one is how open they are. It’s simple to go to their website, key in the casino’s name, and discover what kind of licence they have. This is also a good approach to determine whether they’re affiliated with any other casinos or well-known companies.

Once we’re confident that the site is secure and legitimate, we’ll move on to the game suppliers. These are the businesses that provide the games that the casino offers. In past articles, we’ve discussed how this works in detail, but in summary, casinos do not create the casino games you see; instead, they are obtained via different game producers.

At least one or two of the larger players, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, PlayTech, IGT, and the like, are generally participating. This is typically a positive indication, but we’d also want to see smaller companies have a chance, since they often produce excellent games.

From there, we’ll look into the casino’s user experience. Is it simple to navigate? Is it possible to get games quickly? Do they utilise menus well to organise games? Are there any mobile applications available? Are these available via the major app shops, if so?

Finally, promotions, loyalty schemes, and competitions should be considered. These are often the three primary areas in which a casino may imprint its mark.

It isn’t always the case that the larger the better. All day long, a well-designed casino offer with a minimal wagering requirement wins out over a large bonus with enormously unrealistic wagering requirements.

After we’ve completed all of this, we’ll be able to write a review for the new casino. Our reviews take days, if not weeks, to complete, and as a consequence, they are the greatest real-world casino evaluations we can provide.

Find out about the most recent online pokies.

Online pokies are the most popular and fastest-growing segment of the online casino industry. Every year, hundreds of new games are published, with thousands to pick from.

What we’ve attempted to do is build a platform for you to see freshly published and soon to be released games. We go through all of the main gaming companies to find what’s hot and what’s not in this industry.

The list we provide is intended to show you what’s going on and where it’s occuring. They’ll give you an overview of the games and point you in the direction of where you may play them.

Some of the games you’ll see will have unique extra cash promotions associated to them, and we’ll tell you about them.

The Future of iGaming: New Casino Trends

Casinos are changing at a breakneck pace. Even five-year-old features and games are nearly unrecognisable these days. That’s a nice thing.

Competition has never been fiercer, and casinos must find a way to stand apart in order to attract new customers. Here are some of the features that are beginning to gain traction in the business.

Branded online pokie games are an excellent place to start, and although they aren’t the “future” of iGaming, they are a major driver of development in the online pokies industry. The agreement of DC Comics with PlayTech was a significant step forwards in terms of development.

Gamification is one of the sectors that is currently gaining traction. We use things like missions, tasks, levels, and awards to do this. They’re all elements that keep us loyal to a certain casino, and we’re rewarded for it. Some casinos accomplish this better than others, but over the next several years, we expect most to have some, if not all, of these features.

Promotions and competitions for new games are examples of things that are always changing. There are certain things that just work, like as welcome bonuses and free bonus spins, but it’s fantastic to see casinos branch out with tournament games and interchangeable offers, enabling users to choose the one that best suits them.

In terms of banking, the rate at which money is transferred in and out is always changing. E-wallets revolutionised the gaming business with their capacity to receive funds from withdrawals nearly quickly. Over the previous five years, we’ve seen a significant improvement in withdrawal speeds for alternative banking choices, so this is only going to become better.

The games themselves are expected to provide some of the most significant advancements. Although live casino has been a game-changer for the industry, we’re more interested in seeing where they go with established games like pokies, roulette, and blackjack.

In terms of game design, technology has advanced significantly, but it is the features that frequently make or break them. The primary novelty here is interactive bonus rounds, which are currently being built as we speak.

New, innovative designs for casino sites and lobbies are another trend to keep an eye on. There have been rumours that mobile casinos would use speech recognition to enable you to easily access your prefered game. The migration of design platforms to HTML 5 has been massive, but the issue now is: what comes next?

While we can only conjecture for the time being, one thing is certain: the online casino industry is in terrific shape, and the next five years should be just as interesting as the previous.

In New Zealand, there are a number of new mobile casinos.

Following up on the industry’s future, we’ve arrived at mobile casinos. Not long ago, this was the future, and now it’s beginning to become the norm.

When a new casino opens its doors, one of the first things we check for is their mobile presence. If a casino does not provide mobile access, it is putting itself up for failure.

Because most casinos are now built on the HTML 5 platform, even if there isn’t a dedicated app, there’s a strong probability that the user will have an equally pleasant playing experience on the mobile site. Given how well-designed they are, some work better than the app.

The game selection is an important consideration while using a mobile device. The fact that they have 1,000 casino games online does not indicate they have the same amount on mobile.

Because some of the older games have not been ported to mobile, they are unavailable. It’s generally games that are nearing their end of life or haven’t been played in a long time, although it’s worth noting that you won’t have as much access to games inside the app as you would online.

On the other hand, many new games these days are being built with a mobile goal in mind. The idea is to make them as excellent as possible on the app and then tweak them for online play. This will become a far more regular subject as more people transition from web to mobile.

New Payout Rates at Online Casinos

Online casinos have made payout rates a big aspect of their business. Payout rates are related to almost all of the games, and most casinos post them for their players to observe.

The Return to Player % is another term for the payout rate. This is the average amount of money that the player receives for each unit wagered.

The games with greater payout percentages of between 94 percent and 98 percent are the ones you’ll discover in an online casino. In terms of monetary worth, this would imply that for every £1 wagered, you’d earn back 94p to 98p, respectively.

Of fact, for most players, it’s not as black and white as this, given that these figures are based on millions of spins, a level that few casual players would ever reach in a single game.

Player ratings are now a feature that almost every casino proudly displays. The days of a fruit machine at the local bar paying out an eye-watering 70% payoff are long gone, and the margins are now much more favourable to the player than they were before.

If you’re wondering why this is, it all boils down to loudness. A fruit machine can only have one player at a time, limiting the amount of money it can accept. Thousands of individuals may play an online pokie at the same time. This implies that even at 98 percent, they may generate more money and provide greater value to the user by churning more volume.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that we offer payment rates for all of the games we evaluate on the site. When we promote new online pokie sites, we attempt to provide information on how rates vary according on the wagers you put.

Casino payout rates are subject to change and are published by the operator on their own websites; they are accurate at the time of publication and will be updated as needed.

Established Casino Brands vs. New Casinos

One of the most interesting aspects of the casino industry is that it is always evolving. There’s something new every week, whether it’s new brands, casinos, games, developers, bonuses, features, or something else else.

Change may be beneficial when done correctly. It implies that older sites must stay up, forcing them to improve on what is likely already a strong setup.

New casinos lack the experience that established casinos have. They’ve been there, gotten player input, altered, refined, and are now at a stage where they have a reasonably finished product.

As a player, you have a feeling of security as a result of this, as well as a generally comfortable environment in which to play. Support is typically excellent, the game variety is extensive, and the promos are likely to be enough.

While this is fantastic news, it also means that new casinos will have to work harder to get their foot in the door. As we discussed in the last section, this means better advertising, exciting new games, new game creators, and even a foray into new technologies.

It’s more worthwhile for them to take a chance and provide something different than to merely imitate the same product that dozens, if not hundreds, of casinos presently offer.

It’s important to remember that just because a casino is new doesn’t mean it’s being built from the ground up. Again, we touched on this briefly previously, but many new casinos employ a very professional and experienced management staff.

It might be a combination of employees from established companies who have moved into the casino business, or it could be established brands migrating into the casino sector. It’s not uncommon for successful online betting, poker, and bingo services to expand into other markets, such as an online casino.

So, despite the fact that the sites are young, it’s possible that they have substantial funds to deal with. Mr Green, BGO, and 32Red are commonly regarded as three of the largest in New Zealand today, yet they all began from the ground up, innovating their way to the top. Established businesses are now copying features that they first released over a decade ago, and the new generation of these sites will soon follow suit.

The issue is that it might be difficult to determine who owns what in this industry. As a result, we provide all important information about the people behind the brand and how the casino got started in each review we include. Some are “newer” than others, and we believe it’s crucial for readers to know where sites are beginning from.

Developers of New Online Casino Games

The online casino industry’s lifeblood is game creators. If you don’t have a solid group of pokie game creators, the casino isn’t going anywhere quickly, whether you’re new or have been operating for decades.

Many of the most well-known websites include the tried-and-true brands. Microgaming, NetEnt, PlayTech, NextGen Gaming, IGT, and Play N’ Go are the major players. Around 90 percent of all casinos have at least one of these firms on hand.

While these men are tried and true, there are so many casinos that provide the same games that it gets a bit monotonous. This is a problem with established companies in that, after the layers are peeled back, you’re left with relatively identical game catalogues to pick from.

The good news for new casinos is that they may spice things up by incorporating smaller brands that may not get as much attention from larger sites due to being hidden. A smaller casino may showcase their games, giving a wider spectrum of prospective players access to something less conventional.

Smaller game studios have fewer titles to select from, but the games are generally better as a result. These games have been developed and nurtured by the teams, who have made use of modern technologies to make them stand out.

Yggdrasil and Nolimit City are two examples of prominent references. Both aren’t really new, but they only have around 30 games apiece, making them rather modest. The quality of the games, on the other hand, is on level with the greatest, but since they aren’t from Microgaming or NetEnt, they aren’t as popular.

Smaller casinos, on the other hand, are more ready to take a chance on these people in return for a better bargain. As part of their first marketing push, several of them have even negotiated exclusive arrangements with new casinos, giving both companies more visibility.

In New Zealand, there are a number of new live casino sites.

We’ve discussed new online gambling technology, but none has had a greater influence than live casino. The live casino games replicate the brick-and-mortar casino ambience that players miss when they play online, allowing them to really enjoy the best of both worlds.

Many new casinos are considering this as a must-have feature, not just to stay up with the competition, but also to move ahead of established brands who have yet to completely implement the live dealer gaming platform.

The problem is that just a few creators are producing these games in any quantity. Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are the two companies in question. This implies that table games like video poker, which they provide, are likely to be available elsewhere.

How to Register at a New Casino

Each casino’s registration procedure will be somewhat different. However, you may utilise our step-by-step approach below to get a sense of how things could go and what papers you’ll need to get started.

  1. After selecting the register account option, you’ll be prompted to provide a variety of details. Name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, and gender will all be included.
  1. Now you must generate account information. A username and password are among them. You may be prompted to provide a security question here, which will be used if you forget your password or need to contact customer service about an account problem.
  1. Once this is completed, your account will be created, and you will go to the verification stage.
  1. You must provide evidence of identification and proof of residence to authenticate your account. A driver’s licence will usually enough, but additional papers such as a passport, ID card, bank statements, and utility bills may be required. The papers must be photographed or scanned before being uploaded to your account.
  1. Verification may take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. You’re all set and ready to start once your account has cleared.
  1. You must now consider collecting the welcome online casino bonus. You will need to make a deposit and maybe input a promotional code in order to do so. We explain how to claim each casino welcome offer in detail in each of our evaluations.

Deposits and Withdrawals at New Casino Sites

While there have been many technical breakthroughs in the recent decade, the growth in payment processing techniques is generally underestimated. You now have access to a large choice of casino alternatives in New Zealand, all of which are quite safe.

It used to be that new casinos only offered a limited number of banking choices, but that is no longer the case. Because of the relevant Online Gambling Commissions, the sector has seen a cull of some of the less secure ways, making the process much more streamlined and safer at the same time.

The following are some of the most prevalent payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay is a payment system developed by Apple.
  • Google Pay is a service provided by Google.
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Make a bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Maestro

There are numerous more, but these are the ones you’ll most likely pick from newer casinos, as well as some of the ones we suggest here at.

It’s important to note that not all payment options are compatible with deposit bonuses. Because of the secrecy that comes with utilising these financial methods, Skrill and Neteller are seldom allowed for any incentives.

Finally, make sure you verify any deposit and withdrawal limitations associated with each of them. Casinos differ greatly in this regard, and you must ensure that you may withdraw real money as readily as you put it in. Some may also charge a fee, so keep that in mind before depositing.